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Welcome to the official Giggle Wiki. The Giggle Universe is made up of a wonderful collection of characters such as Glow, Shimmer, Cubey, Suzie and Ged, Rexxhy and Smudge The Ruffle Monster. These characters each star in their own video games, apps, artwork, merchandise, comics and so much more!


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The Giggle Wiki is the place to find all detailed information about the expansive Giggle Universe. You can find all of the wonderful content on such as video games, apps, comics, artwork, illustrations and goodies such as activity sheets. There is also behind the scenes videos and content available on Giggle Channel.

This is the place that you can get all of the information about all things Giggle Universe. You can also take the discussions through to the Giggle Universe Message Boards!

We can't wait to see you on the Wikia and Giggle Forums! Remember, make sure to #HaveAGiggle

You can explore the Giggle Universe in full detail, including categories such as:

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Giggle Universe Glow The Orb

Giggle Universe Glow The Orb

You can help out with the Giggle Wiki FANDOM in a number of ways! You can start editing straight way but make sure that you can reference facts about The Giggle Universe and all of its characters and worlds as we don't want any inaccuracies!

There are lots of factual images, resources and information of the official Giggle Universe website,, which can be an excellent source for referencing information added to this FANDOM.

This Wikia is the home to all Giggle characters, locations, items and storylines.

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The aim of The Giggle Wiki is to build a community of Gigglers that love The Giggle Universe and want to gather any and all information regarding it. We want to collect all of the detailed knowledge of the Universe as it spans many characters, storylines and locations.

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